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  • 0 to 16 – Your condition is serious due to lack of body weight! Consult a physician”
  • 16 to 18 – You need food! Good healthy food.
  • 18 to 21 – It’s time to eat a bit more than usual.
  • 21 to 22 – You maintained your body nicely, keep it up.
  • 22 to 27 – You are on the verge of being recognized as a fatty.
  • 27 to 30 – It’s time to spend some time in Gym.
  • 30 to 40 – You need to lose a lot of weight from your body.
  • 40 and above – Your condition is worrying due to obesity, you need to consult a physician.

What is BMI & How to Calculate BMI

Reducing obesity and losing weight is wanted by every person, whose BMI is high. Now you must be wondering what is BMI. Let us tell you today what is body mass index. What is BMI Formula (What Is BMI) or How BMI Calculator Chart works. And most importantly, how can you calculate BMI (Body Mass Index).

Whether your weight is right according to your height or not, it is ascertained by BMI i.e. Body Mass Index. In the late 1990s, the formula for BMI came, which is currently the international and widely accepted standard for measuring obesity.

Whenever you have to see how much your weight is or how much you need to lose, the first thing to do is to see how much your weight should be and how much, so that that overweight can be detected, which is to be reduced. This is called how to Calculate BMI.

The Formula of Getting BMI

BMI Calculate Formula

Body Mass Index= Weight (Kg)/ Height (Meter) x Height (Meter)

So this is the BMI Calculate Formula with the help of which you can Calculate your BMI on your own.
One thing to keep in mind which is also important is that BMI should not be used for pregnant women or elderly and young children, as well as bodybuilders and athletes should not use BMI. One of the major reasons for this is that in these cases it is not capable of doing accurate calculations. The reason behind this is said to be that BMI does not separate muscle or fat

For example, think of it in this way that the weight of pregnant women is not only on the basis of their weight but it also includes the weight of the baby in the womb.

If your BMI index based on your height and weight falls below 18.5 then this weight is below normal and needs to be increased. The ideal body mass index is considered to be between 18.5 and 24.9, but it needs to be maintained. There is a need to be alert when a BMI of 25 or more comes because those with this BMI level are at risk of developing diabetes type 2, heart disease or stroke. On the other hand, if you have a BMI of more than 30, then your body is at great risk of side effects due to obesity or obesity.

The Need of Calculating BMI

We all know how important it is to have a balanced and right weight for a healthy body. So BMI helps you in this thing. Do you know what your weight should be according to your height? If not, then you should know this. And if you want to find out, then for this you have to check the body mass index ie BMI level. BMI tells you whether your weight is healthy, low, or high. Based on this, you can make changes in your diet and lifestyle.

How to Calculate BMI with Body Mass Index Calculator

Although using the BMI Calculator of Calculate M Turbo is quite easy but still, we are sharing step by step process of using it so you won’t face any issues.

  1. The first thing you need to do is to select your age group. There are 5 options, and you can select one according to your age.
  2. After confirming your age group, select your Gender by Checking the box. This option lets you select the correct BMI Calculator. It confirms whether you’re searching for BMI Calculator for Men or BMI Calculator for Women or for other human beings.
  3. Now here you need to fill in the most required details, first your weight. The important thing you need to care about is, the weight that you are going to fill should be in Kilo Gram(kg.).
  4. After giving info about your weight, the next column that you will find is “Your Height”, So here you need to fill your height. The only condition you need to follow while filling your height in box is, it should be in Centi-Meter format.
  5. The required information section is over here, the last step that you need to follow now is to click on the “Calculate Button”.

Now you will get your BMI aka Body Mass Index with our suggestion for you (We hope you don’t mind about it).

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So that is how you can calculate BMI (Body Mass Index) through our BMI calculator. Hope we covered all for you but still if there is anything you want to know related to the calculator or, want to share your suggestions so please use the comments box, we are waiting.

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