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What is Exact Age Calculator

Whenever someone asks us our age, we quickly tell him that we are so old, or are going to be so many years old. However, many people remain confused about this too, because sometimes it becomes difficult to find out the exact age. If someone asks us what our exact age is, then we also get into thinking and then keep on calculating with the copy pen. Such questions often come in front of us while filling a competitive form, so in such a situation, we can take the help of a calculator to find out the age quickly. The calculator you see on this page is called the age calculator. We named it the exact age calculator, and the reason behind this is that this calculator calculates your exact age. The exact age calculator calculates not only how years old you are but also calculates months, days, hours, and even seconds.

How to Use Exact Age Calculator

Now Let’s now know how you can calculate your exact age through this Exact Age Calculator.

  1. The first column you get is “Year”, in this column you have to write the year you were born. For example, if your date of birth is 01-02-2000, then you have to write 2000 in the year column.
  2. Similarly, the next column is “Month” in this you have to enter the month in which you were born, so if your date of birth is 01-02-2000 then you have to write 02 in it.
  3. The next column is “Day”, in this column you have to fill in the day on which you were born, like if your date of birth is 01-02-2000 then you have to write 01 in it. Meaning you were born on the 1st of the month.
  4. The next three columns that you going to find in the Exact Age Calculator are, “Hour”, “Minute” and “Second”, you have to fill these three columns only when you know the exact hour, minutes, and seconds of your birth or you can remain them empty. Now you have to click on the “Start” button to find out your correct age.
  5. In this age calculator, you will see one more button and that is “Accurate, by clicking on this button when you fill in your details and click on the start button, then you will see the increasing count of your age moving along. How old are you getting every second, it plays live and stops only when you click on the stop button. But to get exact you have to fill in the exact hour, minute, and seconds of your birth along with your date of birth.

So that is how you can calculate your exact age with this calculator. Hope we covered all for you but still if there is anything you want to know related to the calculator or, want to share your suggestions so please use the comments box, we are waiting.

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