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The height calculator basically designed to calculate the future height of children. How much the height of any child will be in the future is based on many facts, keeping these facts in mind, two such calculators were created which provide comparatively most accurate information, the first of which is ..

Khamis-Roche Method

Height Calculator – Best Height Predictor for Child

Based on Khamis-Roche method

Child's Sex   Girl           Boy
Child's Age     Years
Child's Height Feet Inches
Child's Weight Pounds
Mother's Height Feet Inches
Father's Height Feet Inches
Future Height

As you must have recognized from the title above, the calculator given above works on the Khamis-Roche method, which is known to give more accurate answers, but the second calculator you can see below is the most used calculator in the category of height calculators. This calculator is based on the Mid-Parental method, which is quite easy to use.

Mid-Parental Method

Child Height Predictor
Based on Mid-Parental Method

Height Converter

Although you can get this calculator on another article on our website, but to convert units from centimeter to feet or feet to centimeter or in inch, we think this might be helpful to you.


Note: 1 Inch = 2.54 cm, 1 Feet = 30.48 cm, 1 Feet = 12 Inch

By now you must have seen both calculators, like me you might be interested to know how to use them.  So like all our calculators, we will also know about these two height calculators that how to use them, but before that, it is important to know that, after all, what are these two calculators and on which method they work.

Khamis-Roche Method Height Calculator

As I mentioned above that the calculator that works on Khamis-Roche method is considered to be one of the more accurate height prediction calculators. To calculate height with this method, there are four important factors or information that you need child’s height, child’s weight father’s height, mother’s height. This method is only suitable for children who are above the age of four and that’s why if you check the calculator you won’t get the option to select an age below 4. The height calculating method which is known as the Khamis-Roche Method was found or you can say developed in 1994 at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. It is developed by Dr. Harry Khamis and Dr. Alex Roche and in actual it was known as Predicting adult stature without using skeletal age: the Khamis-Roche method. As all the checks happened it is founded as the most accurate method of predicting child height without determining the skeletal age. To finding the best solution they have researched on a group of Caucasian children so it may be less accurate for kids of other ethnicities.

Although it is the most accurate method to calculate the height of children but still it is impossible to predict the correct height. Like so many predictable things there is also a margin of error that exists in this method which is 2.1 inches for boys, and 1.7 inches margin for girls.

How to Use Khamis-Recho Height Calculator

To use our Khamis-Recho height calculator to predict your child's height, you need to follow some easy steps, given below…

Step – 1 Once you’ve reached to the height calculator page, you’ll get two different calculators there, the first one is Khamis-Recho method-based calculator which we are going to use.

Step – 2 You will get some labels there and their data in front of them, you only have to select or fill in the right information there. At very first, you have to select your child’s gender.

Step – 3 Now from the drop-down menu select the age of your child, this method works only for 4 to 17.5 years old children.

Step – 4 After selecting the age fill in the current height of the child in feet. Suppose the height of your child is 3ft and 5inches so in the first column type 3 and in the second column type 5. If you have the height is only in centimeters so you can use our Centimeter Inch Feet Converter to convert height in feet.

Step – 5 Now you have to fill the child’s weight in the next column but it should be in pounds. Again if you don’t know the exact weight in pounds, you can use our Kilogram To Pound, Gram & Ounces Converter to convert weight from kg to pound.

Step – 6 Now into the next two fields you have to fill mother’s age and father’s age in feet. After that what only remains is to click on the Calculate button and once you do so, you will get your child’s height in the Future Height column, which you can get just below.

That’s how you can calculate your child's height with Khamis Recho Height Method.

Mid-Parental Method

Calculators which calculate the future height of children with the Mid-Parental Method are widely used. It is a less accurate method to predict children's height as compared to the Khamis-Roche method but the reason why it is used mostly is that the mid-parental method is the easiest method to find the future height of children. It calculates the height of children on the basis of their parent’s height. This method only asks for two information first is the mother’s height and the second is the father’s height. The reason why it is known as the Mid-Parental method is that to calculate height with this method first you are required to calculate the mid parental height, let’s understand it with a formula..

Formula to calculate the mid-parental height:

(mother's height + father's height)/2

Now for girl's future height, subtract 2½ in (or 6,5 cm):

girl's height = mid-parental height - 2½ in (or 6,5 cm) 

For a boy's future height, add 2½ in (or 6,5 cm):

boy's height = mid-parental height + 2½ in (or 6,5 cm)

And as I said, it is too hard to predict correct future body growth, so here you can expect four inches margin of error in calculation (either way).

How to use Mid-Parental Method Calculator

Using the Mid-Parental method calculator is easier than the Khamis-Recho Calculator. You have to follow only a few simple steps (mentioned below) to use it….

Step 1 – Mention the current age of the child in the first column.

Step 2 – Now fill the child’s height in the second column but it should be in centimeter.

Step 3 – The two important factors are here, now fill mother’s height and father’s height in respective columns and then hit the calculate button. The predicted height will be shown just below.

So that’s easy to use Mid-Parental Method to calculate height.

Bone age - skeletal maturity prediction

I know you must be wondering where this method came from, there is no any calculator attached for this method. As I said above that Khamis-Roche method is comparatively the most accurate height prediction method, yes it is true but it remains most accurate when we talk about height calculators which we can operate by ourselves at home otherwise the Bone age – skeletal maturity prediction method is the most accurate method to predict the future height of children. The hurdle with this method is that you need to visit an orthopedic surgeon or a doctor to get results with this method.

The bone age examination is the best way to calculate the maturity of a child's skeletal system. In the Bone age – skeletal maturity prediction method, an X-ray is taken of the left wrist, hand, and fingers without giving any pain to the children. The only thing that irritates you while following this method is the very least amount of radiation but don’t worry that amount can’t cause any trouble to your child. Later, the image is compared to standard images from the Bone Development Atlas, where references were made on larger studies of children.

There are some major points that you get with this method such as: how long the child will be still growing for, child's final height, the start of puberty, hormone-related diseases (adrenal gland disorders, growth hormone deficiency, hypothyroidism), genetic disorders (e.g., Turner syndrome), orthopedic as well as orthodontic problems, the treatment of which must be planned according to child's predicted growth.

Average Boys Height

CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) published a growth chart for boys and girls, which the average height of a boy and girl at the age of 20. With the help of the below-mentioned table(chart), you can calculate the average height of boys without the help of a height calculator.

AgeBoy HeightHeight in cm
43ft 4in102cm
63ft 9in115.5cm
84ft 2in128cm
104ft 6in138.5cm
124ft 11in149cm
145ft 4in164cm
165ft 8in173.5cm
185ft 9in176cm
205ft 9in177cm

Average Girls Height

Growth in girls' height is fast in childhood, and when they reach puberty, it speeds up quickly. With the help of the below-mentioned table(chart), you can calculate the average height of girls without the help of a height calculator.

AgeGirls HeightHeight in cm
43ft 3in101cm
63ft 9in115cm
84ft 2in127.5cm
104ft 7in138cm
124ft 11in151.5cm
145ft 4in160.5cm
165ft 4in162.5cm
185ft 4in163cm
205ft 5in163cm

What can be done to Increase Height?

Since then the height of the children depends on the genes of the parents. Yes, if the height of the child is less than normal even after the height of the parents, then some changes in his routine can help in increasing his height. Actually, the lack of nutrients and physical activity affects the height of children, which we are describing in detail below.

Daily Diet (Nutrients): A variety of nutrients can be important for height increase and physical development. Actually, lack of nutrients i.e. Malnutrition also hinders the development of the body. In such a situation, it is necessary to consume a balanced diet. In such a situation, cottage cheese and beans, etc. can be included in the diet of the child. Apart from this, we will tell in detail below about other nutrients and foods that help in height.

Physical activities: Incorporating exercise in daily activities helps in increasing height. By doing daily body stretching work-outs like pull-ups (pulling the body upwards), growth hormone increases, which along with physical development also helps in increasing height. We will also elaborate further in the article about physical activities and exercise.

Height Determine Factors

It is difficult to determine exactly what the height of the child will be. Nevertheless, some research has found that the factors that determine length are mainly of two types

Genetic: There are many different types of genes that determine the height. These are called polygenic inheritance. This is the reason why it is difficult to estimate the height of the child. Inherited genes simply make it clear that children will be almost as tall as their parents, but siblings may have different heights due to different genes. Apart from this, height is also affected by hormones, which can also be determined by genetic factors.

Environmental factors: The height of children can also be affected by environmental factors. These environmental factors include the nutrition the mother receives during pregnancy, her smoking, and exposure to harmful substances. In addition, socio-economic factors such as income, education, and occupation can also affect the height of children. Especially, in cases when the family moves to another place to get good opportunities. In fact, better employment leads to changes in the eating habits and living conditions of the family, which can have a positive impact on the stature of the next generation.

So in this way you can predict or calculate height with these height calculators. Hope we covered all for you but still if there is anything you want to know related to the height calculator or, want to share your suggestions so please use the comments box, we are waiting.

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